Open House

A Well-Crafted Open House

We are thankful to everyone who was able to join us on March 21st and excited to share the details of our recent FSSI Santa Ana Open House. After months of preparation and hard work, everything came together deliciously and close to 80 guests visited our Santa Ana facility. This year’s Craft Communications theme and an enormous amount of teamwork were the perfect ingredients for producing an engaging, unique and memorable event. Our lunchroom was transformed into a Craft Communications fair serving fresh ideas and innovative information. The Open House included an informative tour showcasing our newly-renovated facility, educational booths explaining fresh ideas for FSSI’s customized products and services, and delicious craft food and drinks.

Mural Compliments of Ilya Mokhov

The Tour

The renovations made to our Santa Ana facility weren’t the only new FSSI additions for guests to see. Every tour-stop highlighted a fresh idea designed to benefit a business need. Below is a quick recap of each destination. Please read the Fresh Ideas article for more in-depth details.

Computer Operations
Fresh Idea: New and Exclusive workStreamOne Features

Network Operations
Fresh Idea: All New Storage Area Network (SAN)

Digital Print Services
Fresh Idea: Statement Redesign

Fresh Idea: Ensuring Paper Supply in an Uncertain Paper Market

Fresh Idea: The FSSI Digital Mailing Checklist

The Booths

Every booth had a different theme and fresh idea to create a unique and interactive experience that shared information with visitors. Best of all, each booth was manned by FSSI team members who crafted every theme utilizing their creativity and expertise. An Artist Meet and Greet, Partner Showcase and Raffle and a Social Media Corner were also included.

Baking Fresh Ideas – Print and Mail Solutions
Bread was a staple at the Print and Mail Solutions booth because it highlighted the “crust” of our high-volume print management services.

Fresh Idea: FSSI now offers Secure Self-Mailers that are highly effective for time-sensitive information and marketing mail.

A Potpourri of Services – Composition and Creative Services
Guests were able to create their own potpourri at the Composition and Creative Services booth because it mirrored how plain documents can become abloom with vibrancy and color.

Fresh Idea: Dynamic Content Management and Redesigns offer variable content and graphics to give users full document control.

Spice Up Your Communications – Direct Mail and Marketing Services
The Direct Mail and Marketing Services booth featured spices and a build-your-own FSSI BBQ seasoning recipe because we use distinct seasonings to create flavorful communications.

Fresh Idea: Hyperlinks within eStatements target customers with clickable messages in their electronic documents.

Think Before You Click – Compliance and Security Capabilities
The Compliance and Security Capabilities booth representatives dressed up as security guards to show how seriously FSSI takes data security. Complimentary nuts were given out for successfully finishing hard-to-tackle puzzles to demonstrate how compliance and security are the “nuts and bolts” of our network operations.

Fresh Idea: We use the KnowBe4 Security and Awareness Tool because FSSI pioneers a culture of threat detection that helps develop its own firewalls by promoting an entire week focused on security awareness training.

Made-to-Order Feature-Rich eSolutions – Electronic Solutions
Team members of the Electronic Solutions booth created their own logo called “Sweet Solutions” and enabled guests to decorate their own cupcakes to represent tailored ePresentment and eDelivery services.

Fresh Idea: FSSI Offers Text Message Services, which offer immediate response times and real-time engagement potential.

Artist Meet and Greet

Ilya Mokhov is the artist who created the beautiful mural in our large lunchroom. He was on hand to talk to visitors about his artistic process and showcase many of his paintings as well.

Partner Showcase and Raffle

We are appreciative of our partners, who were very generous in donating great raffle prizes that complemented the Craft Communications theme. Prizes included Instant Pots, George Foreman Grills, gift cards and much more.

Social Media Corner

A little red-carpet experience was provided this year because our guests were the true FSSI stars. Participants posed in front of our logo-banner with crafty props. Take a peek at our Twitter page to find pictures of the Open House that were live tweeted throughout the day. @FSSI_CA

Craft Food and Beverages

What’s a craft fair without delicious treats? Craft food and beverage booths added an essential touch of a real craft fair experience. Everyone was given the opportunity to enjoy handcrafted donuts and specialty coffee, create-your-own trail mix, gourmet sandwiches and craft soda, fresh produce and artisanal cheeses. It’s safe to say, everything was delectable. The festivities continued with a complimentary wine tasting next door at ONEHOPE Wine after the Open House concluded.

40th Anniversary Celebration (Fall of 2020)

We hope you will join us next year for our very special 40th Anniversary Celebration (we have something BIG in store!).